K-STUDIO is a design practice rooted in Architecture.

Our contextual approach produces unique and immersive experiences through Architecture, Interior and Hardscape Design, allowing us to achieve a holistic sense of experience across the range of  spatial qualities within every project. This approach is applied to any scale of project and allows us to treat larger scale, more complex works as collections of smaller studies, creating expansive systems for design with greater clarity, definition and attention to detail.

We are a creative studio of architects and interior designers based in central Athens.

Our home is Greece, a country of incredible natural beauty and resources, where the cultural identity is founded upon being outside and making good, economic use of local skills, materials and agriculture to provide nourishing hospitality to visitors from near or far.

We create crafted architectural experiences that are informed by tradition, enriched by materiality and inspired by contemporary life. We do not like waste. We make minimal interventions that use minimal resources and always prefer to work with the elements to create comfort that is naturally luxurious. Our expertise is instinctive and is applied to projects of various programs. But over the years through academic research and practical experience we have evolved to specialize in the design and realization of projects within the leisure industry.

Enjoyment is paramount in determining the success of our designs, from private holiday homes to restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts. But it was also the driving force behind the recently completed designs of 2 larger scale projects: a marina on the Turkish coast, and the refurbishment of Mykonos Airport.

We work collaboratively with highly experienced and knowledgeable teams to enrich and expand our services and results. Over time we have nurtured and continue to nurture our valued relationships with companies such as WATG, Tombazis & Associate Architects, Betaplan S.A., ISV Architects and Lambs and Lions.

We have enjoyed working with and learning from the vastly experienced and knowledgeable teams of clients such as Four Seasons and O & O in Athens, and TEMES in the Peloponnese. We have also been invited to bring our contextual approach to international projects in destinations as varied as Israel, Qatar, Panama and Kuala Lumpur.

Wherever we go our ethos remains the same: to build strong identities and architectural narratives that use the local context in balance with contemporary aspirations to elevate and enrich the user’s enjoyment.


Awards & Adventures:

  1. AHEAD Europe 2022 – Kalesma – Winner of Best Suite
  2. 100% Hotel Design Awards 2022 – Kalesma – Winner of Best Resort & Best Surrounding Areas
  3. 2022 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award – Dexamenes – Shortlisted
  4.  Prix Versailles 2022, Special Prize Exterior, Hotel Category – Kalesma -Winner
  5. The Architectural Masterprize 2021 – k-studio Large Firm of the Year Award in Multi-Disciplinary Interior Design
  6. WAF 2021 – Dexamenes – Shortlisted  in Hotel and Leisure – Completed Buildings category
  7. WAF 2021 – Villa Mandra – Shortlisted in House & Villa (Rural/Nature) – Completed Buildings category
  8.  100% Hotel Design Awards 2021 – Kalesma- Winner of Best Room & Bathroom and Best Lobby/Foyer/Reception
  9. International Architecture Awards 2021 by the Chicago Atheneum – Dexamenes – Winner
  10. International Architecture Awards 2021 by the Chicago Atheneum – Villa Mandra – Winner
  11. AZ Awards 2021 – Dexamenes – Award of Merit in Adaptive Reuse
  12. 100% Hotel Design Awards 2020 – Dexamenes – Winner of Best Resort and Best Room & Bathroom
  13. AHEAD Global Awards 2020 – Dexamenes – Winner of Ultimate Accolade Award
  14. AHEAD Global Awards 2020 – Dexamenes – Winner of Best Creative Conversion
  15.  International Property Awards 2020 – Villa Mandra -Winner of Best Architecture Single Residence Greece, Europe
  16. AHEAD Europe Awards 2020 – Domes Zeen Chania – Winner of Best Resort
  17. Architizer A+Awards 2020 – Dexamenes – Popular Choice Winner in the Hotels & Resorts category
  18. Architizer A+Firm Awards 2021 – k-studio Special Mention in the Best Young Firm and  Best in Europe category
  19. The Architectural Masterprize 2020 – Villa Mandra- Winner in the Architectural Design -Residential Architecture – Single Family category
  20. LIV HOSPITALITY DESIGN AWARDS 2020 – Dexamenes – Winner at Architecture-Living Space-Europe Category
  21. LIV HOSPITALITY DESIGN AWARDS 2020 – Helios – Winner at Architecture-Eating Space-Restaurant Category
  22. Greek Hotel of the Year Awards, 2020 – Perianth Hotel – Winner in Best Suite of the Year category
  23. ACDA 2020 – Dexamenes – 3rd Award in Hospitality [Built]
  24. European Property Awards 2020-2021 – Villa Mandra – Winner of Architecture Single Residence Award
  25. AHEAD Europe Awards 2019 -Dexamenes Winner of Best Suite
  26. 100% Hotel Design Awards 2019 – Canaves Oia Epitome – Winner in Best Resort category
  27. DOMES 10Yr Awards 2019 – Dexamenes – Winner in Best New Architecture In An Existing Building
  28. AHEAD Global Awards 2019 – Vora – Shortlisted for Best Resort in the world
  29. AHEAD Europe Awards 2018 – Vora – Winner of Best Resort
  30. EIA Architectural Awards 2017 – Anhinga – Shortlisted
  31. Ktirio Magazine 30th Anniversary Awards 2016 – Plane House – Overall winner of the Best Vacation House Award
  32. Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2016 – Scorpios – Shortlisted
  33. Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2015 – OPSO – Shortlisted
  34. Greek Pavilion Exhibition, Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 – k-studio
  35. Mies Van der Rohe Award 2013 – Plane House – Nominated
  36. Mies Van der Rohe Award 2013 – Barbouni – Nominated
  37. Young Greek Architects Award 2012 – k-studio – shortlisted
  38. Young Greek Architects Awards Exhibition,  Benaki Museum, Athens 2012 – k-studio
  39. Bar & Restaurant Design Award 2012 – Capanna – Shortlisted
  40. Bar & Restaurant Design Award 2012 – Barbouni – Shortlisted
  41. Wallpaper* Magazine’s Architects Directory 2012 – k-studio